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Keeping track of what is valuable

The AM-Cloud module assists with recording, importing and managing location and attributes of all assets 'on the fly'.

A database of assets can be generated rapidly and uploaded in the field or on return to an office. Assets can vary from a SIM card, ITS equipment, roadside cabinet or street sign and many more - the database is highly flexible.

AM-Cloud can also be used to monitor the movement of multiple assets, log faults and report on fault resolution and routine maintenance activity.

Any asset type can be easily and rapidly setup using AM-Cloud. Powerful and scalable AM-Cloud allows the creation and amending of asset attributes no matter their type or size of inventory.

For agencies or government bodies with staff working offsite, AM-Cloud supports offline activity should an internet connection not be available.

AM-Cloud features:

> Rapid creation of asset database

> Efficient fault management

> Smartphone and tablet apps

> Work order/ticket raising and tracking

> Accurate mapping and searching

> GIS Integration

> Maintenance and routine inspections

> Many asset types supported

> Performance monitoring reports

Download the brochure here: 

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