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C2 Cloud secure data available 24/7

C2-Cloud provides a fully maintained professional data hosting service for customers who wish to provide internet-based access to their traffic data to external or internal users. It enables a cost-effective solution with 24/7 access and rapid-response maintenance.

Traffic data can be uploaded to the C2-Cloud server via FTP, email, CD or Telemetry. In addition, data can be exported from an existing C2, C1 or Cordon Database using C2-TxDisk and sent in the same way. The files are automatically checked, and email or SMS alerts are sent if any irregularities are found.

The Drakewell data servers are stored in a climate controlled, fire-proofed, secure environment with UPS and generator redundancy. Connected via a high speed data line to the internet backbone, the C2-Cloud servers provide a fast connection to the C2-web reports for web-based analysis and reporting. The hosted data is fully maintained and securely backed up and stored off-site.

C2-Cloud features:

> Access to over 100
   C2-Web reports


> Control which
   users can see what
   portions of data
   and reports​

Full control over
   your data

​​> Access to all your
   traffic data over
   the internet

> Upload, edit and
   publish your data

> Secure login
   for all users

Fact sheet coming soon

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