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Drakewell Tier 4 Hosting

As part of the standard C2-Cloud offering customers receive the benefit of the Drakewell Tier 4 hosting datacentre.

With scalable technology utilising the the latest VMWare software and powerful host servers the customers setup grows with them ensuring the data is always available at the click of a button.

The datacentre operates a climate controlled, fire-proofed, secure environment with bespoke substation electrical backup and is located in 1 of only a handful of Tier 4 specified centres in the UK.

Running multiple disk arrays the Drakewell hosting environment can support over 120 Terrabytes of traffic data stored within our databases and this being extended all the time. 

Drakewell are also ISO 27001 Accredited (Information Security Management)

Drakewell Tier 4 hosting features:

> Tier 4 Specified

> Bespoke substation backup

> Multiple iredundant internet feeds

> Climate controlled

> Fire Proof

> Latest server and disk array technology

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