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Drakewell Traffic Safety System

We provide the required software, services, back end infra-structure, technical support and customer service to assist in the processing of all traffic violations.

We understand budgetary constraints require working smarter with your enforcement data. Our safety camera adjudication suite allows identification of offences by time, location and is fully compatible with most cameras. Additionally our suite automatically identifies, processes and presents data/imagery ready for adjudication in easy to use forms via any web browser or tablet, with user configurable exports to support submission of the offence.

Our safety camera adjudication module is unparalleled in its automatic processing of offence data with the ability to monitor multiple safety camera types. Designed to be an asset in the management of all the enforcement requirements for a modern Police forces’ daily activities. It is capable of multiple offence types (Speed/Average Speed, Red Light, Bus Lane and Parking plus much more). This class leading development has full integration with the world renowned C2-Cloud Suite.

Drakewell Traffic Safety features:

> 24/7 Automated Operation

> Video and Photo Evidence Compatible

> Image Enhancement

> Multi-Browser and Ipad Tablet Compatible

Download the brochure here: 

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