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Live data that keeps you up to speed

C2-Realtime is a module for C2-Web allowing for real-time capture of data. C2-Realtime can be set to scan specific folders at user defined intervals and then automatically process any data files that are found. The C2-Realtime module can also be partnered with the Drakewell Instation allowing for seamless capture of data over GPRS or IP connections.

The data captured in real time can be displayed on the front end map with refresh intervals defined by the user. The map will display average volume, speed and the status of the recorder with the on-screen icons changing colour to indicate pre-defined alerts. Summary reports are available at the click of a button.

C2-Realtime features:

> Data file scanning
   service running 24/7

> Maps & selected reports
   updating in real time

Fact sheet coming soon

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