Transport Infrastructure Ireland


Transport Infrastructure Ireland 

The Challenge

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) first started using Drakewell software in 2012 after commissioning a huge roadside equipment upgrade; to capture per vehicle record data at over 300 locations and near real-time data transmission every 5 minutes, typically over 6 million vehicles recorded per day. 

In 2021 the decision was made to migrate the huge Drakewell traffic database from a TII on premise installation to Drakewell’s Tier 4 hosting, fully supported, maintained, tested and updated by the Drakewell team. Drakewell hosting relieved the technical burden for TII of managing a rapidly growing database, but also upgraded TII to the latest feature rich versions of C2-Traffic, C2-Gateway and a new Public Interface.

The Agency needed an intuitive, highly accessible traffic data management system to support planning, data analysis, and publication of data. Drakewell’s C2-Traffic, C2-Gateway, public interface and a custom API served to meet the requirements.

Several key items requiring particular effort are outlined below:

  • Live traffic data reporting, with high-frequency data retrieval
  • Public access interfaces for TII
  • Data validation processes for Weigh-In-Motion sites
  • Migration of historic data

Drakewell and the Agency collaborated on an implementation schedule, identifying items necessary for Go-Live, items that would be added to the implementation schedule permitting, and items to be implemented over the duration of the contract.

The Project Kick-Off was held in 2021, with configuration and customisation beginning promptly.

The Approach

C2-Traffic, along with its sub-modules, Data Quality, Public Interface, WIM Reports, and a JSON API, supported many key data processes, with over a hundred dynamic reports, intuitive interfaces for site management, and flexible architecture to support a wealth of data items and attributes. Over the life of the contract to date, Drakewell staff have expanded the library of reports to further support the Agency’s business.

C2-Gateway, the communication and site status module for Drakewell was also implemented and fully interfaced with C2-Traffic for a streamlined, up-to-date data gathering, processing, and upload process.

Traffic Monitoring Units (TMU’s) were installed at over 300 locations throughout Ireland. All data streams from the counters are brought in live, every five minutes (with packets of per-vehicle records volume/class/speed/length/weight/headway/gap) into Drakewell’s C2-Traffic database via the C2-Gateway.

Engineers have access to advanced reports, data checking/validation, and equipment status information. Drakewell have also configured a public interface for TII.  

Weigh In Motion (WIM) sites with ANPR and overview image cameras are also installed (using the Drakewell WIM Module), allowing weight profile of traffic to be studied and validated in addition to vehicle images.    

The Outcome

The Project was completed on time and on budget. The Agency received the data management interface, reporting, data communications, and a configurable quality control module.

The public interface was configured and released for public access in 2021.

Post-Go-Live, training proceeded well, as TII staff and their contractors quickly learned and embraced their new Drakewell software solutions. 

As contract improvements continue to be fulfilled, Drakewell and TII find that most improvements are developed, tested, and released ahead of schedule with high user satisfaction.

The TII public interface provided by Drakewell can be viewed using this link:  

Transport Infrastructure Ireland , project

Lessons Learned

Over the course of this implementation, our Drakewell staff have expanded the portfolio of software to include additional customer requested reports and exports, while continuing to implement the major upgrades and features on Drakewell’s rolling roadmap. 

Key areas of enhancement include expanding our library of reports, protocols, and visualisations to meet the Agency’s requirements. Additionally, Drakewell implemented ANPR technology to support the Agency’s WIM validation practices. We were also eager to further develop our workflow for seamlessly deploying large batches permanent traffic counters. By the end of the deployment, Drakewell and TII were satisfied with the ongoing roadmap for quality-of-life improvements and opportunity for contract adjustments to add desired functionality.