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A data highway for your files

Drakewell Instation​​

The Drakewell Instation is a powerful addition to C2-Cloud, allowing for realtime data collection over GRPS/3G/4G or IP based connections. The Drakewell Instation processes the data automatically to the C2-Cloud Database as well as storing raw files as an additional backup. 

The Drakewell Instation is manufacturer independent and supports ATC, Bluetooth, ANPR, Weigh In Motion and Environment data. Both push and pull technologies are supported.

Fault and status information is also retreived form the recorder if available along with the ability to raise fault alerts and notify end users. 

Data integrity checking is also built in.

Instation features:

> Manufacturer Independent

> Support for ATC, Bluetooth, ANPR, WIM

> Environment data

> Push and Pull technology

> Recorder Status

Download the brochure here: 

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