Our Clients

We serve both public and private sector clients across the globe. Drakewell clients know they can rely on experienced, high-calibre support from first proposal to on-going maintenance. 


We support our clients through the full lifecycle of implementation, from kickoff through maintenance and beyond. Our practicality and rapid response to customer needs mean we build effective long-term relationships with our clients.

From configuration to customisation, Drakewell is your partner for the road ahead. 


Drakewell is vendor agnostic. Our solution is not hardwired for specific count collectors, recorder models, class schemes, or file formats. We support your practices and inventory as they are, freeing you from equipment manufacturer restrictions and allowing flexibility to operate and purchase roadside equipment from across the market.


Drakewell solutions have an exciting roadmap to support our clients’ changing needs. Support includes rolling out new functionalities and interfaces considered to be improvements to our Drakewell off-the shelf solutions, along with requisite user guidance and training. Our robust and active product roadmap benefits all clients and ensures our software keeps pace with client goals and industry development.

Our software, your data. See the partnership at work