Drakewell’s device agnostic communication solution connects to or receives information from your permanent counters and 3rd party data sources, to gather, process and present ‘live’ data, device health metrics and alerts.


C2-Gateway hugely streamlines real-time data flow into C2-Traffic and serves to enhance device monitoring capability by communicating with a wide variety of network devices and data APIs. Hugely scalable, it gathers, processes and presents data, counter alerts, configuration details and more. Live status can be monitored on the move via our mobile apps or via desktop maps, dashboards, charts and reports. 


Our team continually update and add to C2-Gateway’s protocols to ensure  new recorder types, communication methods, and file types are supported. We keep pace with new developments to remain at the forefront of traffic monitoring technology.

C2-Gateway, connected
C2-Gateway, integrated


C2-Gateway can operate both standalone and integrated with other Drakewell services. The Gateway is fully interfaced with Drakewell’s C2-Traffic database, but can also operate as a standalone module where its mission is to gather data, monitor devices and make data/files highly available to a third party system.

Bring your data to life

C2-Gateway is a powerful solution, whether deployed independently, or fully integrated with C2-Traffic and C2-Service for comprehensive site management, data processing, and data validation.

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