Drakewell’s market-leading traffic data management system is fast becoming the industry’s ‘go-to’ software solution for fast and accurate shareable traffic data.


C2-Traffic is highly flexible, with minimal customisation necessary to implement a system to meet your needs. A report library of over 100 dynamic visualisations, graphs, charts, and tables offers users intuitive ways to share and analyse data.

Configurable parameters and mapping support data items to meet your needs, including site characteristics.

A comprehensive off-the-shelf solution, C2-Traffic’s flexible, future-proof design wraps closely around your processes and cleanly accommodates changes in standards, requirements, and reporting needs.

C2-Traffic is securely hosted, supported, updated and fully maintained by Drakewell.

C2-Traffic is highly flexible


With a high-utility base license and many additional submodules, C2-Traffic offers users an à la carte array of features, from Data Quality validation to End-of-Year Processing. Our modular approach is cost-effective, streamlined, and client-focused.

Data Quality validation


Drakewell solutions are designed to be easily navigable by users of all skill levels. C2-Traffic features numerous user-friendly reports and options, intuitive workflows and multiple pathways to navigate between key screens.

C2-Cloud Suite


C2-Traffic’s scalable, modular architecture is designed to tailor the solution to your needs. Beyond the C2-Traffic base license, users can choose from a number of flexible, fully integrated modules.

Data Quality

Automated Quality Checking (QC) to easily validate your data against many configurable checks and rules. Users are presented with metrics and links to reports, along with supported QC responses to mark (flag) data. Collect more data without laborious validation, share your data with confidence and control.

Mark your data:
Good / Bad / Atypical / Outlier

Data issues are brought to your attention rapidly and can be tracked over time via key reports.


Support your public users with a map-view, tabular calendar access, GIS layers, and programmed downloads, to simplify data requests and support data customers. 

From public reports to site dashboards, users can navigate approved data easily, in an accessible, user-friendly dashboard.

Multi-Site Summary Reports

A comprehensive library of multi-site summary reports allowing users to interrogate selected/filtered groups of sites, or all sites on your network for comprehensive analysis and visualisation.

Bulk Data Extracts

Quickly, easily and on-demand pull large datasets from C2-Traffic to offline programs. Users are walked through the process of building CSV Exports with many different options for data types, date ranges, and summaries.

WIM Reports

C2-Traffic’s standard weight reports are supplemented hugely in this module by user-friendly charts, graphs, comparisons, and displays. 

Users can review Site details, Weight Distribution, Weight Violation, WIM Calibrations, ESALs, and other site-specific weight data.

C2-Journey Time

With advanced origin/destination (OD) and real-time route-based analysis, C2-Journey Time offers OD matrices, real-time maps and reports, comparing live journey times against historic baselines, and historic playback to review travel patterns on your network during an event or incident. 

With support for ANPR, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data APIs, C2-Journey Time equips your team with powerful tools for travel analysis.

Live Traffic Trends

Closely monitor directional traffic patterns (volumes, speeds, HGVs) during an emergency or any network event type via dashboards, intuitive maps, Live Data Feeds, subscribed reports and alerts, and shareable interfaces for public users and/or key stakeholders. 

Baseline Dashboard & Traffic Trends

Take charge of comparative data with the baseline dashboard. Changes over time can be easily tracked and visualised as percentages, graphs, and summaries.

PVR Image Sites

Visually verify your Edge Processing AI cameras with PVR Image sites. Privacy respecting sample images of Individual Vehicle Records to afford your data analysts clarity and transparency in reviewing accuracy of class data.

Custom APIs and Integrations

Customised and bespoke format and content APIs can be requested to support data display, or data transfer to third party systems.

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