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Drakewell DTel telemetry software

* Please note that this software is now end of life and we only offer support to existing customers

The Drakewell DTel Telemetry software has been designed to provide quick and easy data collection for remote sites via GSM and PSTN connections. DTel can also connect via serial cable if required.

Each site can be configured independently for the scheduled data collection with site specific collection times and interval periods, the user can also choose where to download each sites data to.

The manual dial-up functionality allows the user to monitor the recorder status, collect data and change the recorder configuration via the emulator at any time.


Drakewell Telemetry software is manufacturer independent and can currently support Golden River 660/680, PEEK ADR and Diamond Idris-based recorders.


The user interface combines a map front end with easy access to site details, connection monitor, status logs and an event queue. The user management facility provides full security allowing different levels of access for individual users. Drakewell Telemetry is fully integrated with C2-Cloud and fully automatic data processing of the collected data files.

DTel telemetry software features:

> Manufacturer independent

> Site-specific scheduling

> GSM, PSTN & Serial Connections​


> Collection and error logging

> Fully integrated with C2-Cloud

> Automatic data collection

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